"Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today." - Malcolm X

Lectures & Interviews

Leo Muhammad - compilation of Hyde Park speeches

Pastor Ray Hagins: How To Deactivate Your Willie Lynch Chip (Full Length)         

Dr John Henrik Clarke, Dr Yosef Ben Jochannan - What will We Tell Our Children   

Dr John Henrik Clarke - You have no friends      

The Real Problems Hurting Black People Today Dr. Claud Anderson         

Dr John Henrik Clarke - Education for Liberation         

Dr. Booker T Coleman - The Signifance Of Educating Our Youth         

Dr Sebi: Eat to Live (Full Length)         

Dick Gregory: Too Few Know (Full Length)         

"BALDWIN'S NIGGER" (James Baldwin and Dick Gregory)         

Civil Rights History Project: Kathleen Cleaver         

Angela Davis: "Political Activism and Protest from the 1960s to the Age of Obama"

Dr Runoko Rashidi: The Original Man - The History Of The Ancient Black People       

Dr Runoko Rashidi - The Global African Presence         

Louis Farrakhan: The Pain of Being a Black Man in racist White America

1994 - Phil Donahue Show - Dr. Khalid Muhammad - HD    

Louis Farrakhan on Donahue 1990

Louis Farrahkhan on Sway in The Morning - June 17th 2015

Louis Farrakhan speak 2015, Justice or Else Official Announcement

Dr. John Henrik Clarke, Dr. Ivan Van Sertima, Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan on Gil Noble

Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan - The African Origin of Christianity

Dr. Ben Jochannan - Male & Female Relationships   

Alton Maddox - Negro Leaders, Politicians, Preachers As Pimps and Prostitutes Of The Black Community

Dr. Marimba Ani - Cleansing ourselves of European concepts         

Dr. Umar Johnson - Black People Have Gotten Too Comfortable

Dr Amos Wilson - Feel Good History

The Life and Times of Muhammad Ali by The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

Dick Gregory : Wisdom | Two Hour Special

Dr Khalid Muhammad - No Holds Barred

Dr Khalid Muhammad - Stop the execution, start the revolution

Dr. Jawanza Kunjufu - Countering The Conspiracy To Destroy Black Boys

Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Africa Before Slavery

Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Law And Order In African Societies Before .... Slavery

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima - Africans In Early Europe 

Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Economics For Our Future

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima - Who are the Moors ?

Black history from the UK – Tony Warner on ancestor house

Malcolm X: Speeches and Interviews (1960-65)         

Dr. John Henrik Clarke - Understanding The Black Holocaust

Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan - The Black Man Must Wake Up    

Dr. Claud Anderson - Inappropriate Behaviour  

Malcolm X Speech in Los Angeles (May 5, 1962)         

Dr.Frances Cress Welsing: What if Children understood Racism

Dr. Amos Wilson - The Falsification of African Consciousness    

Dr. Amos Wilson The Development Of The Black Child  

The Murder of Malcolm X - What Really Happened? 

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima: The Ancient High Science

Dr Ivan Van Sertima - Africans in science  

Dr. Chancellor Williams - The Destruction Of Black Civilization

Dr. Asa Hilliard III, Free Your Mind: Return to the Source  

African Origin in America ~Dr Yosef A.A. Ben-Jochannan         

Kwame Toure Converting the Unconscious to Conscious

Dr. Amos Wilson - The Negro Assimilationist

Dr. Amos Wilson - The ABC's of Oppression And Genocide

Dr. Khalid Muhammad - The Black Holocaust (Howard University)    

Louis Farrakhan - The Man and the Mission - PART 1 / PART 2

1963 Interview - Hon. Elijah Muhammad - PART 1 / PART 2 / PART 3                

Malcolm X Interviewed on City Desk    

Dr Martin Luther King - I have a Dream - August 28, 1963  

Louis Farrahkhan on Changing the World

Dr. Barbara Sizemore - Black people still don't get it  - PT1 / PT2 / PT3 / PT4  

Alton Maddox - The Prison Industrial Complex

Alton Maddox - Can Blacks Achieve Freedom Under The U.S. Constitution?         

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing - Black Journal Interview

Dr. Claud Anderson - The Truth About Black History and The White Lies

Dr Umar Johnson - Breakfast Club Show 18/7/16

Dr Khalid Muhammad - At the Crossroads of my life

Dr Joy de Gruy Leary - Post traumatic Disorder

Dr Joy de Gruy Leary - Cognitive Dissonance

Malcolm X - God and the Devil

Dr Ivan Van Sertima - Hidden African History 

Dr. Ivan Van Sertima - History of Black Women In Ancient Africa and Europe

Dr John H Clarke The Origin & Impact Of White Racism

Professor Bayyinah Bello | Completing the Haitian Revolution of 1791 - Part One| Part Two





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