The Magic

We glow because the sun and earth birthed us in a kiss of rare romance, reminiscing on the days 

we ruled with a glance, grace in our stance rooted in the heritage that carries us. 

The dust that falls when we walk is really glitter, you can see its flicker in the shade of our shadows - look close but with care. 

Our gentle elegance garnered by the wind whispers necessary somethings in your ear, so listen, 

we are herewe are everywherein everything, we smell of sweet honey and

sting sweetly too, 

only to protect the power buzzing in our heartbeatsthat’s been dormant as a cocoon, awaiting its chance to butterfly its way back into existence. 

We are too beautifully bright for some to bear, intriguing a sense of wonder to wanderers lost in this world because we are found. 

Our spirits carry the clandestine cadence of queens, dancing to the

harmonies of soul rhythms; there is music to our left and rights. 

We are the creators of life, blessing each body at a brush of a fingertip, dripping melanin magic from the

rivers in our palms that flow within our grips. 

We are love, cant you feel it? 


Original piece written by: Mel Chante