20 Ways to KILL an African Organisation

1. Don’t attend meetings. Never tender your apology
2. When you do attend, be sure to leave before the meeting is over
3. The next day, find faults with the officers and committees
4. Take no part in the organization’s affairs
5. Be sure to sit in the back, so you can talk with a friend
6. Take all the group will give you, but give nothing in return
7. Never ask anyone to join the organization
8. Talk cooperation but never cooperate
9. If asked to help with anything, always say you don’t have time
10. Never accept a position of responsibility, as it is easier to criticize when you are not burdened with tasks you need to perform
11. If appointed to a committee, never give any time or service to it
12. Never do anything more than you have to, and when others willingly and unselfishly use their ability to help the cause along, then shout that the organization is run by a clique.
13. Spread rumors that you “think you might have observed” the organisation’s leadership mismanaging funds, or spread a juicy rumor about an alleged affair – drama always derails the organization’s focus.
14. Instead of bringing issues of concern directly to the committee, run to the media and expose sensitive information
15. Make sure you exploit the potential for chaos in every minor imperfection. If nothing else helps, shout that you have been discriminated against based on language, tribe, ethnicity, complexion or nationality – it is always successful. 
16. When asked to submit practical suggestions, instead, use the platform to vent your own frustrations and philosophies, and offer no way forward.
17. Make sure you get your points across by shouting, intimidating and pointing fingers at someone else. Always someone else! 
18.Never praise anyone for their efforts, ensure that everyone remains suspicious of anyone who does something willingly – they must surely have a secret agenda.
19. If you are a brother, make sure you intimidate sisters and oppose any form of women leadership and empowerment
20. If you are a sister, make sure you vent your frustration about how useless brothers are.


Author: Haki Madhubuti