Business Profile: Morts & More

 Sena Mortoo and Joshua Umoren, the Co-founders of Morts & More

Sena Mortoo and Joshua Umoren, the Co-founders of Morts & More

We took some time out to get to know Sena Mortoo and Joshua Umoren, the Co-founders of Morts & More.  

Can you give a short  description of your business?

Morts & More is a lifestyle brand which currently specialises in Men and Women's tailoring. Our pieces are either Ready-To-Wear (online) or Made To Measure (in person).

What motivated you to start this business? 

Before Morts & More we struggled to find suits that fit well, were made from good fabrics and were reachable with our Graduate budgets. As a result we decided to start creating our own suits.

What is the main thing that you want your clients to remember when they interact with your company?

Having your suits tailored is more of an experience than a transaction.

What is your proudest business moment to date? 

Each and every time a client walks away happy, so therefore our last successful client consultation. We’re only as good as our last consultation, and seeing the elation on a clients face when they try on their garment for the first time is priceless.

What is the significance of your company to the black community?

When we started Morts & More it was rare to see young, black tailors. It wasn't a craft that was highly associated with our demographic. Not only are we plying our trade in this market but we’ve been consistently doing so since 2008. So the significance would be that we’re one of first established, young & black tailoring brands of this generation.

Why is it important for people to support black owned businesses?

It is important because that's how we all grow together.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to setup a business in your field?

Be clear (to yourself as well as your audience) about what part of the market you want to take over, and stay consistent.

What does the next 6-12 months look like for your organisation?

We’ve proved our business model and concept, we’re now focusing on making our product more accessible to a wider market. That includes investment into our online and international presence.

Who is your black business inspiration, and why?

They’re are several. From Oswald Boateng being a prominent spearhead for the revival of Savile Row, to Aliko Dangote proving that there’s no limit to the levels we can attain.

Established in 2011, Morts & More was born out of the vision of tailoring for all. Created by two of the founders of MyTailoredSuit with the goal to deliver affordable couture without compromising on style and quality. The vision was born out of the increasing difficulties they had faced when looking for well fitted and stylish off-the-peg suits for various work and social engagements that didn’t break the bank.

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