Business Profile: Career Sharp

 Bolaji Olatoye - Course Director [Career Sharp] 

Bolaji Olatoye - Course Director [Career Sharp] 

We took some time out to get to know Bolaji Olatoye, the man behind Career Sharp.  

Can you give a short  description of your business?

Career Sharp is a Technology Careers Training Company. We run a programme which aims to equip delegates with the skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to pursue a career within the technology sector primarily in the area of Project Management or Business Analysis.

What motivated you to start this business? 

I recall having to learn hard lessons myself in my own career journey and thinking how beneficial to me it would have been if I had more guidance and encouragement. Since I managed to progress to a decent level, I figured this is my way of doing something to help those trying to come up.

What is the main thing that you want your clients to remember when they interact with your company?

I always want my brand to be associated with quality and value.  There were options I could have taken to make things more profitable from the outset but I didn't want to take the easy route.

What is your proudest business moment to date? 

Hearing the feedback from our current set of delegates.  They are beginning to have a more confident and positive view of themselves (which is one of the fundamental things required).  Also, delegates have been expressing their pleasant surprise at how well they have been able to grasp the concepts that have been taught.

What is the significance of your company to the black community?

I think every black owned business is significant. We need more and more of them.  Even if just from a point of motivation and inspiration.  We often hear our community complain that people don't "buy black" enough, but we also need more and more quality black businesses to spring up in every corner so that our community will never have to look far.

Why is it important for people to support black owned businesses?

It's group economics - for us to have significant economic growth, we need to keep the money within the community.  Other communities have been doing this for generations and the benefits are obvious.  This does require one to have a bigger picture and long-term view of things though.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to setup a business in your field?

Just go for it.  Of course do your due diligence, but really don't wait too long before you just take a leap and start doing.  You will probably fail a few times anyway, so best to get those failures and lessons learned out of the way early.  Don't let the fear stop you, life is all about risks and the biggest risk is of not realising your potential because you were too scared to go for it.  Once you commit and take a leap, you will be surprised at the things that can happen.

What does the next 6-12 months look like for your organisation?

We are currently piloting our programme and aim to gain success stories.  In the long term we are looking to set up a larger consultancy / recruitment agency as well as expand our footprint both nationally and internationally.

Who is your black business inspiration, and why?

To be honest anyone in my immediate community that I see going for big visions is a massive inspiration to me because these are people in my immediate field of vision. It makes me think, if they can do it then so can I.  In terms of more well known personalities my all time business inspiration has got to be Kevin Hart.  I love everything he represents - hard work, consistency, excellence and most of all loyalty to close friends and family.

Career Sharp is a training company set up by Bolaji Olatoye – a seasoned IT Project Management professional, with over 12 years working in an IT and Operations Projects capacity within the Banking Industry.  Their aim is to produce strong delegates that have the necessary skills and experience to achieve success within the IT Industry.

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