#Oscars STILL So White

#OscarsSoWhite trended two years in a row on Twitter when not even a single person of colour was nominated for the Academy Awards. This time around, they heard the voices of those who were shocked and disgusted by the lack of diversity in the film industry and did something about it.

Many Black and POC actors were nominated this year, including Viola Davis, Octavia Spencer and Dev Patel.

We made it(!) Finally, the Oscars, the Golden Globes and others are recognising our talent and genius...right? Or are they just pleasing us hoping that we will stop making too much undesired noise?

Hollywood and many other white-owned industries were not meant to be inclusive. Committees responsible for awarding artists are predominantly made up of old white men who don't understand Black artistry.

#OscarsSoWhite is symptomatic of Black people's need to be seen, validated and accepted by white people. Since this year there are more Black and Brown nominees and winners, we say that progress has been made. It's white people's progress. They have, under our pressure, decided that maybe we were worthy of getting a nod. But Black people have always created tremendous art, consequently stolen and appropriated by white people. Saying that this is progress is like admitting that up until now, we deserved not to be included and awarded.

If Oscars are not so white now, the Grammys still are. Beyoncé losing album of the year for the third time felt like a cold shower. “Lemonade” was an ode to Blackness, more specifically to Black womanhood, but she still lost to whiteness.

We cannot keep on complaining and coming up with new hashtags. The day we stop making noise, those industries will go back to ignoring us.

We should use that energy and rage to create our own award shows and committees.

It's high time we stopped begging them to acknowledge our greatness. We are great and we should know it.