2017: #Goals

In the previous year, there has been a rise in the representation of Black in the media, from the success of Olympian Simone Biles (http://m.bbc.co.uk/sport/sports-personality/38304889) and many other Black athletes to our domination at the VMAs shortly after. More importantly, a strengthening in Black economics (particularly U.K. based organisations) was evident. By Black economics, I am talking about the increase in brand awareness and purchases from Black-owned businesses.

I believe 2017 is the year of setting goals for the Black community to unify our race. This means prioritising our ambitions for ourselves over our white counterparts, as despite the 'equality' we are shown to have, we do not have full equity, which can be defined as something that is 'fair and just'. To put it into the context of setting goals for the Black community, in order to achieve fairness and justice in this society where day-to-day racism consists of micro-aggressions, we should find other methods of combating the injustice we experience – setting our goals specifically for the African and African diaspora community.

Collective progress can be achieved within our community by individuals stepping up to set goals that go some way to combating the issues that we face daily! Some of the goals I'm setting myself this year are:

  • Only buy from non-Black businesses when necessary – meaning the occasions when I would buy sweets from the local Aldi have to stop. Ironically, I'm saving myself money waiting to treat myself from BOBs, instead of large companies.
  • Support Black-owned businesses (BOBs) whenever I can – I understand this can be difficult for many people due to financial or location reasons. However living in London and online sites such as, Maarifacircle (maarifacircle.com/maarifahub) and UKBlackOwned (ukblackowned.co.uk), have exposed a huge platform of the various BOBs, which I'm looking forward to supporting. BOBs *tend* to be more expensive due to the lack of economies of scale, so if finance is a deterrent, another way to support could be to promote these businesses and encouraging others to do the same.
  • Finally, I am planning to read more about the history of where I'm from (Nigeria) and other influential Black British people – this is my personal way of understanding where I came from. Additionally, reading about current Black influencers would encourage me to pursue my own ambitions, despite any hurdles I will encounter.

The popularity of Black pride may only be seen as a 'trend', however, this pride has actually added some direction to my life – to make goals for my success, as a Black woman, and the prosperity of the Black race. Unification is a part of setting goals for the Black community, where we understand our current position, but work towards our next 'goal'; whether socially or economically.