Celebrating black anti-establishmentarianists vs Guy Fawkes

As Black people living in the countries that have colonised ours we always have to remember that they will never celebrate people who worked and fought to dismantle the systems that enrich them at our expense.

It is useless to wait on the British government, or any other Western nation, to give Malcolm X, Nat Turner or Queen Nzinga a holiday. We must do it ourselves.

One very effective way to shed light on and celebrate African heroes is social media. Black people own social outlets and thanks to them we can reach people of African descent all over the world.

Earlier this year many Black Facebook users officially declared May 19th to be Malcolm X Day. Although it is a holiday in a couple of states and communities in the US, it still hasn't been declared a national holiday.

It is the duty of every Black person and Black organisation to share as much information as possible about past and modern day Pan-Africanists, because if we don't do it, who will? Certainly not Europe or the US. They actually benefit from our ignorance.

At school we are never taught anything about Sankara or Lumumba and that leaves a sense of hopelessness in African students. We are given the impression that Africans never stood out in opposition to injustice, colonialism and the Trans-Atlantic slave-trade. The narrative that Black people just sat around and let Europeans kidnap them is thus confirmed and reinforced.

Once you discover African warriors and the many rebellions that took place both on the continent and in the “New World”, you will feel empowered.

We must not wait on or beg anyone to recognise those who lost their lives for us to be here today.

We must do everything we can to honour our African heroes and their legacies.