#Thanksgiving : How to steal a country and rewrite history

Although the United States of America is relatively young, Europe from which the USA was birthed has a long history of raping, pillaging and stealing the land, lives and livelihood of all and sundry, with a specific and deliberate focus on those of a darker complexion. How quickly people forget that little more than 400 years ago the United States of America was populated by the darker skinned so called “Native Americans” whose history has more or less been extinguished with the rampant spread of genocide – both literal (through the delivery of small-pox infested blankets and such other wicked schemes) and systematic (through the marginalisation and oppression of the Native Americans).

In the United States of America patriotism speaks to the heart of white America and the general sentiment of white privilege and the ability of a people to destroy the culture, heritage and geographic representation of another category of human being, whilst at the same time glorying in the supposed “superiority” of the fairer race. The American holiday of Thanksgiving has its roots in a religious practice whereby the population was encouraged to give thanks to a higher power for the supposed “blessings” that the population has experienced – with specific reference to the season of harvest. The irony herein lies in the fact that the same higher power expressly forbids such acts as murder, stealing and lying, yet the nation has been built on such activities and further bases their holidays around the celebration of such.

Furthermore, Thanksgiving today is more of an excuse for gluttony and mass over consumption. While the Western world rejoices and revels in debauchery, the so called ‘Third World’ languishes in conditions of misery, discomfort and poverty that have been thrust upon it by Europe and their descendants.

The so called Native Americans would do well to find a handful of things to be thankful for – perhaps they can be thankful that they haven't yet met the same fate as the people of Tasmania (total extinction) at the hands of Europeans.

On the other hand, the European Americans have every reason to be thankful, but their primary focus this Thanksgiving should be the fact that no other nation, or group of people, has risen to avenge Europe's history of bloody and merciless genocide that white Europeans have been responsible for throughout modern and global history....

…. there’s still time....

#Happy Thanksgiving