The Demonisation of #BlackLivesMatter, and what it means

Ever since the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter started trending on Twitter, it was met with harsh criticisms. Mostly White people, but also what I like to call White people by proxy (anti-Black Black people and People of Colour), responded to it by saying that #AllLivesMatter.

From there Twitter users, bloggers and journalists burned their fingertips trying to explain what “Black lives matter” meant and why it was racist to say that “All lives matter”. In vain.

A simple hashtag (which little by little became a movement and an organisation) revealed the not-so-hidden and not-so-subtle world anti-Blackness and contempt for Black people and their lives.

White supremacy and its agents will always demonise anything that threaten its existence. White supremacy relies on anti-Blackness and without it, the system collapses. Actual hate organisms like the KKK, on the other hand, reinforce and benefit from the system. Behind every working system, there are people who comply. So behind White supremacy there are White people and anti-Black non-whites who are, actively or subconsciously, complicit.

There are White people who use the term and understand it, but the only thing they can do is educate other White people about it.

Unfortunately, very recently I found out that the “Black Lives Matter Movement” is funded by White billionaires such as George Soros. It seems very COINTELPRO-ish, hence why it is absolutely necessary that we do for ourselves. Any person that gives us money, controls us.

Black people who use the hashtag or feel part of a much larger movement for the first time dare to assert the right to exist on this earth, and actively highlight the importance and sanctity of their live.

This is the epitome of self-love and self-preservation. In a system that was conceived to make our lives miserable and to profit from such oppression, to utter these seemingly innocuous three words is revolutionary and an act of resistance.

We're telling White supremacy we're here to stay and that we will win.