• 1,500 NEW instagram & facebook followers per week

  • 3million post reach on Facebook

  • 6,000 website page views per month



Average of 1,200 likes per instagram post


Advertising Content Guidelines

Maarifacircle reserves the right to reject the promotion of products, services or creative materials that

  1. Are hateful, obscene, profane, libelous, defamatory or slanderous
  2. Contain adult content, personals/dating services or sexual references.
  3. Promote gambling or any illegal activities.
  4. Mislead the users, such as with fake error messages, fake "close" buttons or misleading or inaccurate copy,
  5. Resemble the visual style of the content area in which they are displayed.

For our rates, e-mail info@maarifacircle.com:

  1. In the subject line, please state which of our media platforms you wish to use (Instagram, Facebook or Website service)
  2. Attach a high quality image or video clip (a 15 second video clip for Instagram)
  3. Include a caption to accompany media with your full contact details to ensure our followers are fully informed.